Welcome to Visible Spirit! Every day I am struck by the many relationships we humans have - from the earth to other humans, memories and families and what is happening right now. Having grown up in a rural farming village I was imbued with a love of the dirt and what it could produce, be it animals, vegetables, flowers, trees, lakes and streams. My father was a man of the earth and I carry his torch of passion for Mother Earth. Woven through my meanderings is a deep love of music, My mother and I played classical piano and I played cello and percussion. I immersed myself in rock 'n roll all through my high school and college years.

I see music in nature, themes, chords, measures and sounds. I have had spiritual experiences in nature, from encounters with menacing whitewater canoeing to a prolonged ethereal encounter with a hummingbird. So nature is my camera lens in these musings about humans, and flora and fauna. They all are beautiful music to my ears.

* * * * *

   Note to My Mom

Hi Mom,

Itís Easter time. It came early this year and it was still windy and cold. We celebrated at Markís house and a grand time was had by all. I was reminiscing about our Easters together. We were so busy getting everything together. When we were really young you would wait until we were asleep and then you would mark trails of Easter candy throughout the house until the path led to a big Easter basket of chocolate and trinkets. Candy for breakfast! Later we would all get really dressed up for church.

To my mind this was the very best part. I have a picture from one Easter where you and I were standing outside by the front porch, you in a killer dress of navy blue taffeta, wide brimmed hat in navy, white gloves and a lovely carnation corsage. I was wearing a navy blue coat with a fedora style hat, gloves and a corsage of baby roses. Never mind that we might have had to wear our winter boots and carry our shoes to get through lingering mud and snow, then the church vestibule full of piles of boots.

Did I ever tell you how much I appreciated the clothes you bought and all the ways you made those holidays festive and fun? You were at your very best, dear one. I think being a parent was hard for you, but you made the best of it and no one could say you were anything but kind, gracious and loving. I really miss you, Mom.

Love always, Sheila

* * * * *

   From the NY Times

It was hard to find good news in the paper today. It was all war and cruelty and fashion gone amuck. I did save a recipe for baked sweet potato fries. I usually comb the style section for comic relief, reading stories of newlyweds. Several weeks ago one struck my heart: a couple living in a retirement community were wed, she a young 95 and he a young 89. I marveled at this news of the everlasting quality of true love.

I am a true romantic and see love as the ultimate healing force in our world. It seems love is truly wasted on the young. When I first married I was 19 years old. What did I know of life and commitment? Absolutely nothing. This couple knows it all and has an abundance of hope and love.